Changing The Face Of Your Phone

If you have been carrying around the same cell phone for a while you might be a little tired of looking at the thing everyday. Luckily there are ways for you to change the look of your cell phone and add a little of your own personality to it and that too without incurring the cost and pain of buying a new one. Today there are cell phone faceplates available for almost all models. These faceplates come in different colors from pink to gold as well as a number of interesting designs. The easiest way to check faceplates is on the internet using Google or e-bay. E-bay allows you to search according to your specific model and you are likely to find a couple of faceplates available even for the older models. Shipping is usually quick and the charges are nominal.

Additionally you can also find what is called a cell phone bling. These are usually crystals and rhinestones that are fixed to the faceplate and come in a ready structured design. Alternatively you always have the choice of making your own design if you are one of the creative types!

The important thing here is to be extremely careful while changing the faceplate on your phone. You will usually need a tiny Philips screwdriver and take off the existing one. You must not lose the screws and be careful with the hardware within the phone. While you take off the existing face plate beware that nothing is glued to it or pops out of place as you will need to take care of these details when replacing the old faceplate with the new one and the warranty may not cover such type of damages.

If the phone doesn't work properly after the faceplate has been changed it is likely that you will have to take it in for repair and not risk damaging it further by trying to do it yourself. Even if you had to pay for the repair, it would be better than paying for a brand new phone. So after all this if you feel you might not be able to change the faceplate yourself, you can easily go out and get it changed by a professional for a small few and it only takes a few minutes.

An additional bonus of changing the faceplate is that you end up making your cell phone more unique and thus easily identifiable when lost or stolen. Further, if you chose a pink background with yellow butterflies, it may not be the first choice of theft for a pickpocket now would it!