Additional Solutions for Phone Cards

by: Serg Vitkin

Now, many manufacturers of phone cards offer variety additional solutions besides opportunity simply dials. Offer description some of them.

Instant PINs
Instant PIN is a feature available of refillable phone cards only cards allow add more funds to account without the purchase of a new. When you make phone calls your personal identification number is identify automatically - not need keep in mind hard to remember PINs.

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Speed Dialing
With Speed dialing functions you may call from you regular or cell phone regular or mobile by pressing two or three keys only. Not need remember long phone numbers - you will have personal phonebook and online call history.

Web callback
With Web Callback solution help you make phone calls anywhere an internet connection is available, but no special hardware or software is required. In web interface you enter your country codes and phone number, destination country codes and number and get connect immediately. You will talk phone-2-phone, not your personal computer.

SMS Callback
SMS Call is a feature to allow you make international and domestic calls from your SMS Message enabled mobile phone. Send SMS message from your cell phone contains the phone number you wish dial. Special system recognizes you and establishes a connection.

Prepaid Conference Calls
Prepaid Conference Calls solution allow you start conference calls in minutes as many people as you need across the Globe. For start a conference just dial special phone number, enter the conference and security code. You partners should dial same number and enter the conference code. You negotiations will be absolutely secure.

SMS recharge
SMS recharge service get you useful option - add minutes to you calling card just by send SMS. It's feature help you always stay on connection.

Personal toll free number
It feature allow you have personal toll free number. Calls will be redirect to toll free number. It’s ideal for business, military personnel and family members.

VOIP, PC-to-Phone
VOIP converts the voice signal from your telephone into a digital signal that travels over the Internet. If you are calling a regular phone number, the signal is then converted back at the other end. VOIP features more advantageous for international calls as exist company provide free VOIP for domestic calls.